Friday, August 21, 2009

Through Sound and Time part 1: 1992

So I’ve been reading a lot lately, old comics old books I’ve read. I think its pretty cool going back and doing this, because I can remember where I was when I had first read them. Not only where I was but who I was, and what I was listening to as well as how I viewed the world at that time. Every time I think my writing is getting a little raw or mundane or I'm just churning out information on a schedule I stop and I take in information see how other people are doing it, and normally that sets me straight. If not a couple shots of Jameson normally does the trick as well.

I thought I’d take you on a quick time travel journey dating back to when I purchased my first album moving forward to today. I’ll be adding one entry each week. Just something that should be a nice quick read.

Let’s start this off in early May 1992. Rap was the popular sound I was ending 5th grade and my pop bought me my first CD player. I was listening to Y100 a lot on Philly radio. My dad also told me I could pick out one CD. Here was a moment that could have easily determined the rest of my life. In one hand there was Kris Kross - Totally Krossed Out, in the other was Genesis - We Can’t Dance. I knew every kid at school was rocking Kris Kross. But I really dug that I Can’t Dance Video on MTV. At the end of the day I sided with Genesis. I actually ruined this CD from playing too much. My favourite song on the album was Driving the Last Spike. At this same time I was dealing with the most horrific plight any child has during the summer. The dreaded summer reading program. I was heavy into Greek mythology at the time but they wouldn’t let me read that for the program.

I chose to that year to take a desperate gambit and pick the most obscure book book in the fiction section I could find. The plan was to pretend I’d read it and just make up a plot. I opted for Dear Bruce Springsteen. I can’t lie it was a good summer for being a kid and shirking responsibility. I read the first chapter and made up the rest of the book. Mrs. Morris bought every word of it. And I went on playing flashlight tag and perfecting my skills at Super Nintendo all summer as most children my age probably did. Personally I believe challenges like this most likely were more stimulating than actually reading the book. Sure anyone could write a book report and tell the truth, it took real courage and a good amount of imagination to make up a book you’d never read.

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  1. We can't dance was my first album as well, however, don't know about that Dear Bruce Springsteen book... how the hell did you find that?


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