Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mystery Interview W/ Lucha DJ

Ok Kids! You asked for it and now you have it! Here is the very first video interview with none other than Jersey City's own LUCHA DJ! I went back to Lucky 7 Tavern tonight. After what can only be described as the hang-over of the gods (Curse you Tim O'Connell!) And I was able to coerce the elusive Lucha DJ into a Danse Macabre of back and forth questioning. Please folks, hold your applause to the end! In the future I'll try to remember to hold the camera horizontally. If you know of any goings on in and around town please give me a heads up at

Aint Nothin but a good time

Last night, after the picking up of some much needed laundry (Thank you Laundry City and co) and having what I believe to be jersey city's, and perhaps the universes, best general Tsao's Chicken (Sen Hai). I ventured out into the breach for a night of wanderlust and rock and roll.
I started out at Lamp Post on 2nd Street. Fellow Bartender and Rock Doctor Ryan Stevens' band was playing under the moniker PLOWING MUD FOREVER. Enclosed are some shots from the crowd. I got in a few songs and shot a video of one from my phone from these Jersey City Rockers before I realized the time and had to dash for the next bar. I scheduled an interview with PMF and moved on to Lucky 7 Tavern for Glen Coleman. I got a few shots of Glen and talked to some folks about meeting up later. Basically, I laid the ground work for a few future posts went out had a good time, drank a few closed down the bar and went home. Between the drinking the nights music and the snow, it was kind of surreal.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mission Statement

I'm not sure if it was the guitar, or the drums or the bass, but I can tell you this: I remember vividly my first show. I had a great time and it will definitely be one of those memories I look back on when i'm too old to mosh or give a damn about much else and get a warm feeling. Needless to say I've been to enough shows and bars with bands and basements with bands. Know this, every time I see a live band a little piece of that feeling resurfaces. Who did I see? Its not important. That only serves to tell you one man's story. And that's not why I'm writing this blog, not in the least. My accounts would be self serving, and limited in view (no matter how much better I think my experience was). What I want from this blog is to objectively cover up and coming live rock bands, DJs and anyone else active in the local music scene. I want to know what they think is the answer for keeping live music on the streets and in our bars, homes and basements. Most importantly I wanna know how they do it. These folks aren't rock stars. Not in the way Kip Winger was, by any means, these folks are working class, generally most of them are getting by with day jobs or grinding it out through their talent and ingenuity as businessmen and entrepreneurs. And after how I wanna know why. Why are you a in a band? What motivates you to get up on stage and kick out the jams? Why do you choose to be the entertainment on Saturday nights at the bar when you have to work on Sunday morning? For now that's good enough, but I'm sure I'll come up with more poignant questions to ask. Be sure that I may interview the same bands more than once, but at the end of the day the goal is to watch an evolution. Of a scene, of a band, of a blog?!

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